Why Plan Ahead?                             

The Importance of Pre-Planning

There are many reasons why it is important to plan ahead for our final arrangments. One of the best reasons is that it can eliminate some of the stress of our family of having to try and figure out what your wishes would be. We all know that when the day comes of our departure, our family will no doubt be heartbroken and possibly even in shock. Pre-Planning is just one more thing they won't have to do later.



Benefits of Planning Ahead


     The first benefit is that you can make sure of the cost because the fact still remains, the cost of burial services rises with each passing year. Having pre-plans made will help save money and your family won't have to spend any extra later. The average cost of a basic burial will run you about to $6,500 with an expected increase each year.

     Another benefit of pre-planning is that it ensures that your family and funeral director knows exactly what kind of funeral you want.  Families tend to take more comfort at the time of death simply knowing that their loved one's funeral reflects his/her wishes.

Take your time and think carefully about what will be best for you and your family, and discuss why you want certain arrangements. By doing so now, you are assuring peace of mind for you and your family now and at the time of need.


Where Do You Begin?


You might want to begin by calling us and making an appointment to speak to a funeral director. At the appointment you can make every decision about the funeral or you can leave some of the decisions for your love ones to make. Some of the decisions that the director will probably ask you to make are:

  • A casket. If saving money is one reason you are going ahead with your plans then you should consider buying one of these. The funeral director will show you the choices available for purchasing.

  • Whether you want your funeral to have a visitation/wake the night before the burial or just a brief showing before the actual service.

  • Preferences on who you wish to officiate at your service and what type of music that is to be played.

  •  Bringing in photos for the programs and for the digitized memorial dvd to be played at the visitation/wake.

  • Which newspapers you wish for your obituary to be recorded. This is something your loved ones will have to pay for at the time of the event.

  •  Where you wish to be buried. Talk to the cemetery and see if it is possible to buy your plot and burial now. You may even be able to go ahead pay for your opening and closing.

  • Select and pay for your burial plot and grave marker.


Peace of Mind


Feeling helpless in any situation is very frustrating, but in death we are all helpless. If you’ve ever had a loved one pass away, you know that it’s an overwhelming experience. During an emotional and grievous time, you’re forced to find a funeral home and cemetery and make countless decisions. Those who are grieving often overspend if they don’t have a plan to guide them. Protect your loved ones from added stress and pre-plan now which will put you in control and give you peace of mind while greatly assisting your family during this difficult time.



Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.
Contact us to schedule a meeting with our funeral planners: 919.734.4710